Monissa Solberg serves community’s mental health needs

February 18, 2020
Monissa Solberg

Only a strong person who holds confidence in her advice and education can grow into a board certified psychiatrist. Dr. Monissa Solberg has done just that; she has paired her passion for the medical field with knowledge gained at the University of California, Los Angeles, medical school and vast community expertise to become a psychiatrist for others.

Monissa Solberg focused on adult psychiatry while studying at UCLA and now works with adults as well as adolescents toward their mental health needs. These can vary from disorders such as bipolar and post-traumatic stress to schizophrenia, anxiety, depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions. Solberg also works intimately with underserved populations -- for example, the incarcerated and veterans. She strives to bring them the best psychiatric attention possible while managing their medications and other assistance toward improvements in mental health.